Marine Safety and Improvement in Marine Sports Skills

Our temple is quite close to Kujukuri Beach (99 Beach) where a lot of people enjoy marine sports such as surfing, windsurfing, jet-ski, wakeboard, kiteboard, all year round.

Please visit our temple on the way to the Kujukuri Beach.
We will pray for your safety in the ocean, improvement of skills and winning of games.
  Prayer fee: \5,000

Water-proof amulet card \700 Amulet sticker
round shape \500

Myouken, deification of Polaris

When you look up at the North sky at night, you can find the immovable star, Polaris.
Polaris has been regarded as the guide for the voyage since ancient days, and has been worshipped as a guardian god of safety in the ocean.

We worship Myouken which is the deification of Polaris, and enshrine Myouken in the special hall.

Myouken Hall at our temple

Kujukuri Beach (99 Beach)

Long beach of 66km
with several surfing spots

Beautiful sunrise
Big triathlon race
You can also practice triathlon.
Fireworks in summer

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