How to do Zazen Meditation

Way of Zazen Meditation

Sit straight either on the chair or on the floor, relaxing your body. Suppose that you are at the center of the universe.
You can put your hands on your knees, or in front of your body, wherever you like. Close your eyes lightly, and then count your breathing, one, two, three…

When you breathe, draw breath from your nose naturally and then exhale deeply and slowly from your mouth and stomach. When you exhale, please imagine that bad thoughts and harmful things would be eliminated from the body. Then you will draw clean breath to get your body healthy.

The important thing is to concentrate on counting your breathing, shutting out various thoughts in your mind. Even if you heard a big noise, ignore it and never think about the cause of the noise.
If you forgot how many you had counted, then count again from One. If you get sleepy during the meditation, you may either take a nap or stop meditation.

While you meditate, please try to recognize the sound of the nature and listen to your internal voice coming from your body.
Then you would feel your body and the nature getting together, which is what we call “satori” in Buddhism.

After the meditation, you might realize that not only your life but also all living things on the earth should be respected.

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